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Achieving net zero carbon buildings is crucial for cities to reduce emissions and keep the world on track to limit global warming. This portal provides insights and research on policy and financing instruments for cities to overcome barriers to net zero carbon buildings.

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Insights to guide cities’ net zero transition

Understanding policy and finance pathways is critical for cities to decarbonize their buildings according to their unique contexts and needs. CCLFA has conducted research including global network analysis to help cities identify what works for them, as well as deep dives into specific barriers and solutions for cities in Nigeria and Indonesia.

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Various policies, programs, platforms, and tools can be deployed to help cities improve their enabling environments for investment in low-carbon, climate-resilient buildings, and to increase industry capacity to deliver them. Explore our database to see what’s available.

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A range of public and private financial mechanisms can boost funds for net zero carbon buildings. Explore our database for information on blended finance, fiscal instruments, and innovative business models that can address barriers to investment.